Apex partner with Beardwell Construction – Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar

Apex were thrilled to be involved in a project with Beardwell Construction recently, partnering to conduct work on the building of a new, two storey Sixth Form Block for Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School.

The building has been designed to provide facilities for both the grammar school and Marlborough School Special Needs Unit.

Apex were responsible for the roofing element of the build; the waterproofing membrane they installed was Bauder system, which comprised of tapered insulation and felt.

The main building work itself consisted of the demolition of an existing cricket pavilion to make way for the new building, followed by a diversion of services, excavation and formation of new foundations.

The existing steelwork had been donated to the school as a legacy of the 2012 Olympics and had been left on the school fields. This was checked and renumbered against the design proposals and then removed for off-site treatment and fabrication alterations.

The new structure was then erected from reused materials from the former BMW Pavilion and was supplemented with the new steelwork, lightweight steel framing and brickwork cladding, aluminium windows and the Bauder roof system courtesy of Apex.

Internally, classrooms and admin areas were formed using metal stud partitions. Walls were plastered, and suspended ceiling and vinyl flooring provided throughout.

Externally, the works comprised drainage, extensive hard and soft landscaping, steps and balustrading, a cycle shelter and additional car parking spaces.

Existing services supporting the school had to be diverted before the works commenced and new gas, water and electricity have been supplied to the new building. Heating is provided by a mixture of underfloor and a tempered air solution to classrooms supplied from a ceiling mounted diffusers. A new platform lift serves the first floor.

This project received a very high Considerate Constructors score, it also achieved GOOD rating.

Jackie comments: “It was fantastic to work with Beardwell Construction and be part of this project. I really enjoy working with Brigita Davidontye (Project Manager at Beardwell) – we communicate well, so that means the job always gets done – and we delivered this both to time and to budget.”