Apex are delighted to pledge its support for the NFRC’s Safe2Torch campaign. Here we explain why we are committed to promoting and implementing its important messages throughout our organisation.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health spoke out this week, demanding that the Grenfell Tower public inquiry must be “a watershed for fire safety”.
It’s perfectly understandable that this devastating blaze has brought risk-management to the forefront of conversation in construction circles.
But the roofing industry is one step ahead of the rest with a campaign developed to help identify fire risks when using gas torches, either to dry out roofs or when used to install torch-on membranes.
The campaign, created in partnership with contractor and manufacturer members of the NFRC, is called Safe2Torch.

What’s it all about?

Roof fires caused by gas torches, no matter how minor, pose a serious threat to life, property, the image of the industry and possibly even the long-term future of torch-on as an accepted method of covering a roof.
Safe2Torch puts safety first at the design stage by supporting specification writers to comply with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.
Under the campaign, fire risks must be identified at the survey stage and factored in to the specification before it is written.
Where any fire risk has been identified or where it cannot be ruled out, roofers must default to torch-free solutions.
If it can be demonstrated that an area is safe then the specification can, if agreed between all parties, revert to torch application.

Making a positive difference

The Safe2Torch campaign seeks to promote the positive side of the industry, where safe specifications and safe working practices are second nature.
And when you engage with a Safe2Torch contractor or manufacturer like ourselves, you will know your roof has been planned and installed within the requirements of the Safe2Torch guidance.
Our pledge means we are committed to promoting and implementing the campaign throughout our organisation.