Horstead – The Environment Agency and BAM Nuttall

On the site of the River Bure in Norfolk sits a Gauging Building, which measures the river levels and flow of the weir and reports back to the Environment Agency Office electronically. Although it is a small and unassuming building, the job it does is crucial to the work of the Environment Agency.

When contractors BAM Nutall decided that the roof on the building needed a new lease of life, they knew who to contact.

The scaffolding was provided by Apex Scaffolding and the roofing work was undertaken by the Apex Roofing team, using the best materials from Bailey Waterproofing Materials, which come with a 20 year guarantee along with a cost effective waterproofing system.

The job was completed successfully and the building now looks as good as new.

Jackie Biswell from Apex Roofing said: “It was a lovely job for us, and fantastic for both Apex companies to work in tandem. Bailey products are excellent to use and provide an ascetically pleasing finish. We were delighted with the success of the project.”

Craig Bloodworth, who project managed the job for BAM Nuttall added “We are very pleased with the outcome of the work. Working with Apex roofing was really simple, straight forward and I would go straight to them with any future requirements.

“Being able to go to one company to get both the scaffold and roofing repairs undertaken makes it very easy for the client. There is less management needed our end and Apex can liaise between the scaffolding and roofing departments to manage and complete the job, instead of us managing a separate scaffold and roofing contractor.”